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What's UP?

A unique hub for international entrepreneurs and students

UP is an international entrepreneur venture to support investment into the UK and individuals on that journey. We are here to support international students and international entrepreneurs in starting a business and succeeding in the UK. If you are coming to the UK as a student or an entrepreneur then UP covers the key stages in your development and support journey, including: 

•  Pre-information while in your home country

•  Ongoing service while you study in the UK

•  Complementary expertise on the set-up and growth of your entrepreneurial venture

•  Through our partners we can help arrange the support required for your entrepreneur visa application

•  UP act as a Hub “in home-country” that leads to the individual support once in the UK

UP has been designed to provide ease, reassurance and consistency  – with all services being brought together by a team who work closely together and with the experience and passion to help.


Our philosophy is to let our help lead. We are caring and passionate - Onwards and UPwards!

You can find details of our partner law firm Redstart Law here.

Want to know more?

The individual support is available now. Please get in touch with Mmm... and we'd be happy to talk this through with you. We are investing in the UP Hub at the moment and look forward to its launch in early 2019. Please visit our landing page, www.up-uk.com and if you are interested, do get in touch with us

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