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Q1. We have a complex need and I'm not sure if it's something you can help with?

Just ask us. If we think we can help you we'll say so and let you know what's involved. If we can't then we'll tell you, or try to put you in touch with someone who can. It costs nothing to ask for help, and our first engagement meeting is free

Q2: How much do your services cost?

It always depends, largely on the size and complexity of the challenge. We're happy to give you a rough estimate when we first meet, and we'll refine this when we know more. We're not price driven, we worry about making sure you get what you need for your business

Q3. I have an idea I want to turn into a business, how can you help?

We will work with you to help explain your idea, usually in the form of a business case. We start with a simple business case and build on it as you refine your idea. At each stage we will establish the key actions and decisions you need to take to move things forward. Decisions and judgments are always yours to make, we will provide the right framework to help you along that path. We can help you get the business set-up, guide you on setting up bank accounts, help you find accountants or a wide range of other services for you to choose from to get going. We can support you along the way, no matter how big or small the challenge

If you're looking for help, or if you're thinking of starting a new business then get in touch. Whether you have an idea and want to move it forwards, or even looking for an idea. Your first consultation is always free

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