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Russ Taplin MD and lead consultant for Mmm...

Mmm… is a business and management consultancy focused on the needs of any size enterprise

We can provide you with services across any stage of your business, whether that's setting-up (start your business),  specialist (grow your business), general (run your business), or divestment (sell your business) :


• How to start a business including the set-up and initiation 

• Your startup business plan

• Helping you source the right services and providers for your business

• Marketing strategy and plans

• International entrepreneurship


• Project Management Services

• Support during any type of investment into your business 

• We can manage the due diligence process for you 

• We'll also manage the commercial process for you

• Marketing strategy and plans 

• We coach and mentor you through the process – setting you up for success 


“While you run your business, we help you run your company” 

• Full management of any Boards or Executive Committees - for any size of business

• Management of key decision making moments

• Strategic research and direction 

• Project Management Services

• Marketing strategy and plans

• Conflict management including onerous contracts, complex suppliers or situations

• We can do the one-off or unusual projects - if you're not sure how to do it, ask us


• Support during any type of sale or divestment

• We can Project Manage the due diligence process for you 

• We'll also Project Manage the commercial process for you

• Comms and marketing strategy 

For large or complex assignments Mmm... partner through consultants such as Value Insight or First 4 Knowledge to deliver these for you.

For international entrepreneurship, Mmm... also partner through UP Onwards-UPwards and the UP Hub

We reduce the strain on your business during the times you need to concentrate on your business value the most - we get things done. Now that's thoughtful business...

Whatever stage you are at, whether you're looking for help or if you're thinking of starting a new business then just get in touch. Your first consultation is always free

Mmm... Thoughtful Business

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Mmm... Is a limited company, Mmm Thoughtful Business Limited. Registered in the UK under company number 11284279. We are based in Dorset on the South Coast of the UK


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