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Russ Taplin MD and lead consultant for Mmm...

Mmm… is a professional services firm focused on the needs of new, small and medium size enterprises

We can provide you with either set-up services (start your business),  specialist (grow your business) or general (run your business) services:

Start your business:

• How to start a business including the set-up and initiation 

• Your startup business plan

• Helping you source the right services and providers for your business

• International entrepreneurship

Grow your business:

• Support during any type of investment into your business 

• We can manage the due diligence for you 

• We'll also manage the commercial process for you 

• We coach and mentor you through the process – setting you up for success 

Run your business:

“While you run your business, we help you run your company” 

• Full management of any Boards or Executive Committees - for any size of business

• Management of key decision making moments

• Strategic research and direction 

• Conflict management including onerous contracts, complex suppliers or situations

• We can do the one-off or unusual projects - if you're not sure how to do it, ask us

For large or complex assignments Mmm... partner through consultants such as Value Insight to deliver these for you

For international entrepreneurship, Mmm... also partner through UP Onwards-UPwards and the UP Hub

We reduce the strain on your business during the times you need to concentrate on your business value the most - we get things done. Now that's thoughtful business...

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If you're looking for help, or if you're thinking of starting a new business then get in touch. Whether you have an idea and want to move it forwards, or even looking for an idea. Your first consultation is always free


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Mmm... Is a limited company, Mmm Thoughtful Business Limited. Registered in the UK under company number 11284279. We are based in Dorset on the South Coast of the UK


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