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Experienced business and management consultants

30+ years experience

With an MBA and BA (Hons) in business.

Mentor for Virgin Business Start-Ups.

Working on one-off and complex business issues, including Fin-Tech Investment, new Investments, product and proposition developments, small business set-ups, complex contractual or business issues

Focused on you and outcome led

At Mmm... we worry about getting the right outcome. Mmm... is focused on what is the right outcome for you, your team and your business. Not just now, but long term

We get things done Mmm...

We get what it's like to have a business and management consultant come into your business, so we like to come in and get on with it. Mmm... won't put you or your team under strain answering lots of questions and gathering lots of data. We'll listen to your brief, we'll observe and we'll get on with it

A Virgin Start-Up Mentor



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Mmm... Is a limited company, Mmm Thoughtful Business Limited. Registered in the UK under company number 11284279. We are based in Dorset on the South Coast of the UK


russ.taplin@mmmthoughtfulbusiness.com www.linkedin.com/in/russell-taplin

+44 7879 4000 72